Само Така Може Да Спечелите Турнира

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The 2 crooks have an identical torsos and legs. The torso print is great each entrance and again, from the rope wrapped around the torso, to the instrument belt on the front and web page the keys and lock-picking instrument (or is it a file ?) bets on presidential elections the again. The rotors are nice example of this – there are only two of them, and because they’re mounted on high of a 4-blade propeller, it seems to be like somebody simply forgot to add the opposite two rotors Three of the Police minifigures (below – click to enlarge) have an identical torsos entrance and again and their printed legs are also equivalent; they differ only in respect of their facial options and headgear. Assuming the Police can catch the crooks, there’s ample space for miscreants within the back, although there is not any seating at all. As you possibly can see in the images above, projecting forwards from the entrance of the neck is a black rectangular construction with a couple of bley tiles on top and a bley Technic pin sticking out of the entrance. His torso and legs have different prints to those of his three law enforcement colleagues, and he sports a motorcycle-type helmet with a visor.

Well, no Star Wars UCS model is complete without a display plaque to go together with it, and fellow AT-AT builder Morten has designed a suitable show sticker (beneath) which I now have a copy of, so thanks, Morten ! This structure slides into a slot inside the AT-AT’s head, and the pin anchors it when it is in the correct place. Admittedly this was partially because I was to some extent a guinea pig. Well, plans are afoot to indicate the AT-AT later this year at a public occasion where it’ll be a part of a display that includes a number of big Star Wars MOCs – I’ll share extra particulars sooner or later. Also, I feel the front canopy works effectively, elegantly complementing the contours of the underside of the fuselage, and opening to permit the pilot to suit inside. Inside the box you will find a cardboard-backed bundle containing the instruction booklets and sticker sheets, 6 bags of parts, and a dark bley 16 x sixteen plate

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