Appliance Repair Pricing Guide


Any – and all – appliances in the house can break, from washers and dryers to all the appliances in your cooking area. Lots of house owners will become confronted with the decision to either repair

or replace a stopping working minor or significant

appliance. Appliance repair service specialists and service technicians can bring washers, dryers,

fridges, ovens, stoves, dishwashers,

waste disposal unit, microwaves, air

conditioning unit and other

home appliances back into working order, whether it’s fixing a leaky tube, replacing a

damaged belt, changing an ice maker in an otherwise functional

refrigerator or quieting a strange banging

sound. Repair expenses often vary

depending upon brand name, the appliance that needs to be fixed, and the parts needed. Fixing an

appliance rather of replacing it outright can likewise

conserve you money.

The age and accessibility of the appliance might

likewise impact the expenses for repair. In general, the

average cost for having a big appliance repaired

varieties from $80 to $300.

Repair or Replacement Cost Factors

Obviously, if it will cost more to repair an appliance repair cost than

to change it (unless there’s some nostalgic value), then replacement is a no-brainer. The new appliance will quite likely be more energy-efficient and expense less to run. However, it’s not constantly that cut-and-dried.

In some cases discovering a replacement unit that fits a custom-made opening might be

tough. This is specifically true

for built-in ovens, varieties, and refrigerators that do not

conform to a basic size. In these cases, repair makes a lot of sense to avoid expensive repair work

and renovation to surrounding design.

When the expense of repair is less than replacement, an

excellent general rule is to think about a repair when the rate is less than half of the cost of a

brand-new system.

In any case, making a decision will need an estimate of the repair expense before moving forward.

Appliance repair costs $ 171 on average, with a

normal variety of $ 80 and $300. This consists of parts

and professional service.

Although this range includes most typical appliance

issues, there are several factors that may impact the overall. If the unit is more than 10 years old,

operates on gas or cost $ 5,000 when you

purchased it brand-new, you’ll probably need more

money to repair it. Here’s what you can anticipate to pay

based upon the maker and other factors to consider.

Minimum service charge

We charge a minimum fee of $80, which covers diagnosis, approximately 1.5 hours of travel from our

place and a price quote to repair the appliance. We do not

charge an extra service fee if we

need to return to the exact same place to

continue deal with another day. Ask your repair person for an

estimate, consisting of the

service charge, before they start any work.

Appliance parts

The parts needed for a repair may likewise affect the

overall cost of services. We say that 98 percent of the time our

customers require a brand-new part to get their

appliance running again. The expense of parts differs

depending on the part, the type of appliance and the brand.

Gas or electrical

In general, gas-powered appliances, consisting of heating

units, stoves, fireplaces and refrigerators, are more

expensive to fix than electrical appliances. Fixing

them is usually riskier; incorrect repair

work can result in carbon monoxide gas leaks or even fire.

appliance repair cost Repair Pricing Guide

Appliance repairs range from $ 80 to $350 for a lot of designs. If you have a particularly old or

pricey unit, you may pay more.

Refrigerator or Freezer Repair

The cost to repair a refrigerator or freezer averages $ 200 to $330,

depending upon the parts that require replacing. A

new thermostat may start as low as $ 100, while a

brand-new compressor can run up to $450.

If your refrigerator is buzzing or humming, or if it’s stopping working to keep

your food cold, you may need repair work. Some common problems include:

Overheating fan, that makes weird


Clicking noises, showing problems with the

start relay.

Poor cooling, which might signify a faulty compressor.

Ratting sounds.

Noises or faults with the ice maker.

Loud defroster motor.

Odd sounds from the freezer’s evaporator fan.

Dryer Repair

Dryer repair costs typical $ 160, depending on the job and the type of appliance you have. You might need

service if you notice these concerns:

No heat.

Uncommon drum movement.

Overheating maker that shuts down.

Bad electrical connections.

Gas Dryer Repair

Gas clothes dryers run about $ 50 to $150 more than electrical

designs, however cost less to power. Since these units have a different system, you might

need to repair or replace these parts:


Flame sensors.

Gas valves.

Thermal merges.

Dryer Belt Replacement

Replacing a dryer belt costs about $ 200 if you hire a

pro, or $ 10 to $20 for DIY. You’ll need to follow these steps:

Remove the lint filter.

Pop off the top of the maker.

Eliminate the screws and detach the front.

Remove the old belt.

Vacuum out the dirt and debris around it.

Location the new belt where the old one utilized to be.

Washing Machine Repair

The cost to repair a washing machine runs $ 80 to $350. Because this appliance can cause

substantial water damage if it breaks, you’ll wish to call a pro right away if you see:

Failure to drain.



Underfilling with water.

Standing water around the maker.

Mechanical failures, including problems with the agitator.

Used or broken drive belts.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher repair costs $ 80 to $300. You’ll pay less to repair something small like a valve or filter than you would to change the motor or pump. As

with a washer, this appliance can fill up and leak or

spray water, depending upon the issue. You’ll want

to look out for:

Leakages around the outside of the system.

Water that doesn’t drain.

Lack of heat.

Oven, Range or Cooktop repair

The price to repair an oven averages $ 220, however might run

$ 80 to $430. The expense relates mostly to the kind of

appliance and where it’s set up.

Over the life of the oven, cooktop or range, you can anticipate one or more of these to occur:

Broken burner that requires replacement.

Bad switch that causes the burner to run too hot.

Malfunctioning indicator light.

Stuck oven door.

System does not work, showing

issues with the igniter or valve.

Poor heating brought on by problems with the primary controller or igniter.

Inaccurate temperatures from a

malfunctioning thermostat or sensor.

Microwave Repair

Fixing a microwave costs $ 150 usually, depending upon the design and the issue. Most of the times, you’ll

require to replace among these common parts:



Glass tray.



Drive motor.

Power cable.