Help Urchman Foundation raise money for education and creating more jobs. Supporting programs for education and work to decrease child hunger. Urchman Foundation programs provides assistance for professional Resume help and more.


Urchman Foundation Inc. will provide tuition assistance and other forms of benevolent assistance to support children in Africa. More specifically, the organization will provide support for elementary school children,as well as school supplies, clothing, shoes, toys, and more, as well as providing support to the schools by building desk, a water supply, buildings and more. By doing so, the organization will work to improve the quality of life for impoverished women and children around the globe.
The board of directors will oversea the general implementation of this activity. Volunteers may also be recruited to further sustain the organizations programs.
The organization initially will travel to Africa to make distributions twice annually. As needs are identified and funding becomes available. This frequency may increase. The board will meet as needed to discuss administrative and finacial matters, set hiring practices, approve staffing and program development, and set compensation packages.
Urchman Foundation is incorporated in New York, and Atlanta. It will conduct benevolent assistance and charitable giving to children and families in African communities, which originated in Nigeria. Program activities will be conducted at local public venues, such as schools, community facilites, or community meeting sites, as sites can be identified and accessed.
The activity furthers the following exempt purpose: Charitable providing benevolent assistance to children and their families in the form of::
  • Tuition assistance
  • Donated school supplies
  • Clothing (new or old)
  • As well as miscellaneous donations providing great use for the cause
By providing charitable givings to schools in these villages/communities you are helping
  • Build Desk
  • Safe Non Hazardous Buildings
  • Supply Clean Water and Essential Water Supplies (and more)

Job Training Program

In addition to its charitable giving and benevolent assistant programs, Urchman Foundation, Inc. will provide a work force job training program to teach women vocational skills. More specifically, the organization will provide job training to impoverished women around the world. High prioritized specifically for single women/mothers, and widows focused (until new funded projects) in the well needed areas of Nigeria.By doing so, UF will improve the quality of life for undeserved women by giving them invaluable job trianing skills.
The board of directors will oversee the general implementation of this activity. New volunteers may also be recruited to further sustain the organizations programs.We may also hire new staff if deemed necessary in many stages of this program. If you wish to to volunteer or wish to submit your application for future reference please refer to the contact forms located on the JOIN OUR CAUSE PAGE (click here).
With your help and generous pledge, you will help thousands more continue to get a education and succeed on a hopefully future.
For more information or to speak to a adviser or board member please CLICK HERE. For more on ways to sponsor a child donate to or learn more on donations and your tax write off subjected to your donation please CLICK HERE. Get involved volunteer or stay updated with events and more.